3 Deadly Sins of Delaware Statutory Trusts

3 Deadly Sins of Delaware Statutory Trusts

In addition to current trends, tax-savvy real estate investors have witnessed a wave of sellers using a 1031 exchange (opens in a new tab) and Delaware Statutory Trusts (opens in a new tab) (DST) as replacement properties. For investors looking to get started, however, there are three investor mistakes to avoid with DSTs.

STD (opens in a new tab) are passive interests in large institutional-grade real estate syndications. Real estate investors can choose from investments such as Amazon fulfillment centers, manufactured home parks, industrial buildings, retirement homes, self-storage, Class A apartment buildings, Walmart stores, FedEx buildings, medical buildings, hotels and other categories of commercial real estate. DSTs can provide immediate, passive income, growth potential, freedom from owner obligations, and no personal liability.

Why invest in a DST?

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