The 9 most expensive foods sold by Costco

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It’s luxury — in bulk!

Key points

  • Costco isn’t just the place to find barrels of mayonnaise and other everyday foods.
  • You can also buy pallets of gourmet chocolates, caviar by the kilo and even rare imported meats.

We all think Costco is a good place for your finances, filled with bulk purchases and savings. But your favorite outlet store isn’t just for bargains; there’s also a surprising amount of big-budget luxury items sold there.

In particular, if you’re a bit of a foodie and want to splurge, there’s no end to the gourmet treats you can find. Just make sure your rewards credit card has a big limit — some of these choices have four-digit price tags.

1. A (literal) palette of Godiva chocolate: $2,500

If you’ve ever wanted to put that “you can’t have too much of a good thing” theory to the test, here’s a great way to do it. The chocolate palette consists of 60 Godiva Brown & Gold holiday gift towers, each filled with everything from chocolate truffles to Godvia coffee. Each round costs 2.59 pounds, giving you around 155 pounds of chocolate for your $2,500.

2. A kilo of caviar: $2,000

Caviar is perhaps the most iconic food you can find (even if it’s just fish roe). If you want to seriously impress your party of 30+ guests, the Plaza Golden Osetra Caviar Kilo Pack may be the way to do it – provided you have the $2,000 to spare. If that’s a bit out of your budget, don’t worry; Costco actually offers a range of caviars at different price points to suit all budgets. For example, you can get 2 ounces of Tsar Nicoulai Baerii caviar in a gift box with blinis and fresh cream for just $110.

3. Half a cow: $1,300

Have you ever wandered into the meat aisle at the grocery store and thought, “Wow, I would really like to take this whole section home!” Well, here’s your chance – or as close as you can get. The Raise American Half Cow Locker Pack contains 65 pounds of organic, grass-fed beef. Of course, you won’t just get a giant box with half a cow inside. Everything is pre-portioned into roasts, steaks, and even one-pound packets of ground beef.

4. Wagyu rib eye roast: $1,100

While you can get half a cow for $1,300, it’s not even the fanciest beef you’ll find at Costco. That honor goes to the Wagyu Japanese Rib Eye Roast. For the not-so-low price of $1,100 — or just $900 until 12/23/22 with additional manufacturer savings! — you can buy 12 pounds of A5 grade imported ribeye. Want a different cut? Do not worry; Costco offers a variety of wagyu beef, including a value-priced 2-pack of Wagyu Striploin Roast for just $570.

5. A wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano: $950

Are you one of those people who always asks for fresh parmigiano cheese on your meal every time you go to an Italian restaurant? Then this might be for you: a whole wheel of 24-month-old Parmigiano Reggiano, fresh from Italy. It’s 72 pounds of cheese, uncut in its rind. At $950 – shipping and handling included! – you pay the modest sum of $13 per pound.

6. A leg of three-year-old pig: $550

Spain is known for its magnificent ham, but you don’t need to take a 9-hour flight to try it. Instead, you can get it from Costco (although for $550 you could probably fly to Spain!). The Covap Jamon Iberico Bellota ham leg comes from acorn-fed, free-range pigs in Valle De Los Pedroches, southern Spain. It weighs 15.4 pounds and comes with a stand and carving knife.

7. An Alaskan Seafood Variety Pack: $370

If you prefer sea over land, check out this giant packet of Alaskan seafood. This pack contains salmon, crab, halibut, sablefish, tanner and scallops, all frozen and shipped from Juneau, Alaska. In total, you’ll get about 12 pounds of seafood for your $370, including shipping and handling.

8. Land and Sea: $350

Are you hesitating between steak or crab? Try the surf and grass package! This $350 collection includes 12 pieces each of small Rastelli tenderloins and jumbo crab cakes. Everything is shipped frozen, and shipping and handling is included in the price.

9. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings: $270

Sure, you can work for hours on the turkey dinner for your family – or you can just buy one at Costco. Rastelli’s roast turkey dinner has everything from a five-pound turkey breast with green beans with almonds and cranberry sauce, plus pies for dessert. In total, you’ll be feeding eight to 10 people for $270, giving you a cost of $27 to $34 per plate. Not your cheapest vacation option, but definitely less time in the kitchen.

Not all bulk is good business

While many of these items live up to the bulky ideals of shopping at Costco — I mean, a palette of chocolate is definitely a bulk purchase! – you can see that they are not all bargains. But it’s further proof that our favorite warehouse store really has it all.

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